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Instantly weigh and package your items with a high-speed Horizontal form fill seal machine (HFFS). Perfect for food packaging, a HFFS machine will significantly enhance productivity, conserve time, as well as lower costs. Bundle a variety of items in side-gusset, pillow, fin seal and also lap seal bags. Weigh as well as fill up over 100 bags per minute and be accurate to the gram.

U-Packaging offers extremely tough and first-class horizontal form fill seal machines. Our horizontal baggers are very versatile, made to perform at high speeds and also developed for quick changeover as well as our HFFS machines are built to do work for many years with minimum downtime.

Products packaged with our HFFS packaging systems are great for: chemical items, flour, baking powder, yeast, sugar, beans, candies, grains, detergents, fluid soaps, coffee, powdered eggs, potting soil, industrial greases, hardware, fridge freezer gels, cake mixes, soup blends, nuts, pet food, snacks, sauces, stews, soups, pie dental fillings, salads, rice, seeds, snacks, tea, water as well as many other items.


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