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​​The Un-L5540 Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine is widely used for some of the following industries, food, printing, pharmaceutical, hardware and others. It can be used with POF. PE, PVC and other packaging materials.  Here are some of its features:

1.   The sealing knife is copper alloy sprayed with Teflon so that it won’t stick to the film, and offers sealing fastness without smoke and non-pollution.  The horizontal and vertical sealing knife is also connected without gap so the film won’t break.

2.   Sealing frame adopts high quality alloy steel so the frame is very strong which also makes the sealing quality very stable.

3.   The machine is totally automated with sensors to control high-speed sealing.

4.   The machine easily adjust for many different size products.

5.   Designed to also connect to a production line.

6.   With many protection functions, this machine avoids many sealing problems and ensures safe operation

7.  The machine is setup with a Schneider AC contactor that has high-power Solid state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make the temperature system more accurate and also helps prolong the life of the machine.

8.  Comes with solid state roller conveyor and the rollers are wrapped with high temperature silica gel. This works well for many heavy and difficult products.

9.  It has a high-power fan motor which ensures high quality packaging.

10.  Inside walls are stainless steel for fast temperature transfer, even heat distribution and low energy consumption.

 Automatic l sealer shrink wrapping machine