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Uni-Seal and Uni-Erector are here to help you in your final stages of production.  Our pneumatic versions can be programed to work with an automatic cycle, which save time and speed up production.    

Uni-Lidding, Uni-Capping & Uni-Label systems are just as impressive as all of our other high quality machines. These module construction machines are suitable for operation together or with other machines in a production line.  Our all stainless steel heavey duty construction make them long lasting and reliable.   

Our Rotary Uni-Pouch Filler & Sealer machines are perfect for any size company, available in single, twin or multi-feed machines.  For a cost saving turnkey approach to bag pre-made pouches, U-Packaging has you covered.  

Uni-Flow Wrapper machines are the perfect answer to many different applications in the food, pharma, cosmetic, printing and for many other industries.  We have models for any type of volume to give you that high quality finished look.

Uni-Weighing systems can be used for manually and automatically weighing and packaging many types of products.

U-Packaging offers a wide variety of packaging equipment to fill any need regardless of your company size from  machines for shrink wrapping, horizontal flow wrappers (HFFS), vertical flow wrappers (VFFS), band sealers, carton sealers, strapping machines, stretch wrappers, feeders & accumulators, conveyors, form fill & seal, over-wrappers, pouch fill & seal systems, scale systems, thermoform & tray-sealers, vacuum systems, metal detectors & check weighers, clip systems, twist tie machines, batch counter, skin systems, complete automated baking systems and pharmaceutical packaging machines just to name a few.

As an industrial packaging equipment supplier, U-Packaging knows that sales is the key to most company's success, but production and shipping is the number ingredient in making that happen and in many company's this is where the problems lie.  So don't let your production and shipping plant kill or hinder your sales. Let U-Packaging help you design and implement the proper industrial packaging equipment solution to meet your current and future needs.

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So no matter what type of product or what size production facility you have,

U-Packaging has the best and most cost effective solution and we guarantee it!